Dancing on the ceiling! Or how Zumba made me think about new experiences.

I love Zumba!I started going a few months ago to this dance style exercise, and now I can’t stop!

Last week I was waiting in the room for the class to start and noticed there were considerably less people there than usual. Then the teacher came in and it wasn’t our usual teacher, it was a stand in.

I realised that the reason why there were less people was because the regulars had heard our usual teacher wasn’t going to teach tonight and so they didn’t bother coming. Then I was surprised when some people left before the class started.

We began, the teacher was good (but different in style to the usual teacher), but still people were leaving.

At the end I thought it had been a good class and I had learnt some new moves and heard some new music. But the people who didn’t turn up, or who left, had missed out on this.

This resistance to something new or out of the ordinary made me remember how important being open to new experiences and suspending judgement is for creativity.

The more new experiences, the more breaks in the pattern of your life you can expose yourself to – the more opportunities there are for developing and expanding your creativity. And, as part of this, you also need to suspend your judgement (for example not thinking that any other Zumba teacher apart from the usual one will be awful) – it is this freedom which allows ideas to develop.

The mantra for this (from the book ‘Sticky Wisdom’) is: S.U.N – Suspend, Understand, Nurture. If you keep this in mind you will infinitely expand the possible sources for your next great idea (or Zumba move!).


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