Play personalities

“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” Abraham Maslow

I saw this quote and thought about the ‘play personalities’ Stuart Brown lists in his book Play : kinesthete, collector, joker, explorer, competitor, director, artist/creator, storyteller.

Brown suggests that our lives would be more enriched if we lived in accordance with our play personalities. I identified with kinesthete, explorer, director and artist/creator – and just by reminding myself of my play preferences, I have improved my creativity. For example, by expressing my kinesthete personality in Zumba, I have more energy to work and often use the dance steps to work through a problem when I’m stuck!

More specifically, if you’re having fun you have easier access to your subconscious, and so will be more creative.

So why not try remembering how you liked to play as a child and introduce some of that into your day? If anyone asks you what you’re doing you can just tell them ‘purposeful play’!


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