Street signs and concrete jungles

When is a one way sign not a one way sign? When it’s an angel!

This is the work of artist Clet Abraham who goes out at night to make street signs tell a different story.

I love the kind of art which makes use of what already exists and makes us look at it differently. I guess that’s why I also love (to watch) Parkour and free running. Instead of seeing a concrete car park or a flight of stairs, parkourists (?) see an exciting playground where they can express themselves.

Both Clet Abraham and Parkour are practising the skill of looking at something (a street sign, an urban street) from a new perspective. This is a great skill to use if you are getting stuck with a problem or an idea.

Why not try looking at a current issue you have through the eyes of a child, an elephant or Captain James T Kirk?


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