Does your workspace support idea generation?

I walked into the first floor space and there was the smell of cakes baking, lots of light, clusters of people talking…and a greenhouse in the middle!

This was The Hub Westminster – a space designed for sharing ideas and collaborating – where I went for a meeting last week.

It’s non-linear – so encouraging a more organic approach to idea development. It’s open and transparent (see the greenhouse meeting room!) – so encouraging meeting new people and sharing. It has cakes – I’m not sure how this relates to idea development, perhaps as sustenance for inspiration?!

This Hub is just one of many around the world, underlining the growing realisation of the importance of collaboration.

There are many other great and cool examples of aspirational workspaces which aim to foster creativity and idea generation – have a look here for a useful list. My favourite from this list is the conference bike! What better way to discuss ideas than by getting some exercise and fresh air together!

The examples from the list are inspirational, but remember – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a workspace for ideas. Just having somewhere informal for people to sit and meet; scattering tools for collecting/developing ideas around the space such as whiteboards, paper and pens or maybe even LEGO. This could be enough to support more idea generation within your organisation.


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