On hedgehogs and ideas

I haven’t written anything for a few weeks now, and this step back/away and the freshness it has created, made me think about the value of stopping.

It has been said that the greatest discoveries have been made on the bus, in bed or in the bath. In other words, when someone has stopped consciously working and left their desk/laboratory/studio. This break from focusing on an idea/project is known as incubation.

However, when I think of incubation, I see intense concentration and bright lights – which doesn’t really express a break from thinking about an idea.

I prefer to think of the stepping back from an idea/project as hibernation. For me, this means being out of sight and in the dark. So idea hibernation is about putting the idea ‘out of sight’ so your subconscious can work on it in the ‘dark’.

Then, just like a hedgehog uncurling from its winter sleep, so your solution will uncurl from your subconscious, fresh and ready to be used.


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