The first follower

Is leadership overglorified? This is the question raised by this short and very entertaining TED Talk from Derek Sivers: First Follower

This video prompts the thought that perhaps alongside thinking about leadership and what makes good leaders, we also need to consider how to encourage the first followers of an idea or movement.

Highlighted in the talk is the need to treat first followers as equals and to nurture them. What should this nurturing include?Perhaps it could include an element of ‘Yes, and…’ so they can build on the original idea,  and so feel more part of it, and then be more confident in spreading the idea? As Derek Sivers says, it takes guts to be a first follower, so being open and inclusive as an idea leader is important for not scaring first followers away.

We are all potential first followers. We have the power to make a lot of things happen just by looking around at others’ ideas and supporting them, as well as focusing on our own ideas.

What ideas have you come across that you could be a first follower of?


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